Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Boston is now almost five months old. His latest lab results have confirmed that he is completely healed. He is a perfect little baby...so easy, happy, and lovable. He always has a ready smile and is developing beautifully. He loves to look at faces and watch others interact. He will coo and sing along with us. He is grasping and throwing his toys, rolling over, sitting up and starting to stand. He and his brother share a mutual affection, so much so that Clark first said "Love you, Bahs-sah" before he told anyone else that he loved them. Boston has been released from Children's Mercy care; all of his future testing, which will just consist of a yearly urine protein test, will take place at his regular checkups. We are truly blessed.

Boston in the tub.
Playing in the exersaucer. He can throw his ball two feet!

Father's Day!

My (hot) boys.

Standing up. That boy has strong legs!


The Chance Family said...

YEAH!!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited for you and know how truly blessed you are! 6/10/09, Dr. Blowey met with us to release Logan from CM unless further evals showed anything else. 4 years and its a HUGE burden off our shoulders and complete healing. I'm SOOOO happy that you are so blessed with 2 beautiful and HEALTHY boys!!! What an incredible miracle and testimony to the amazingness of our God!

TheCarlsonCrew said...

Still thinking of you all...and so happy to hear that Boston is HEALED!


The Carlson Family